You Can Now Drink Wine Straight Out Of The Bottle Without Looking (As) Trashy

If I had to guess, Id say the vast majority of betches have chugged wine straight from the bottle at least once in their life. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Some say its trashy, I just say its efficient. But now, thanks to some brilliant inventor, you can keep it classy AND skip the whole pouring step with the Guzzle Buddy, a hollow stopper with a wine glass on top that fills up when you tip it back to take a sip. Holy fuck, why didnt I think of that?

Chances are, if you havent sworn off social media until the election is over, youve seen this shit on Facebook and have thought wow I need this rn and the good news is its only 15 bucks so its definitely doable. I spend more at Papa Johns like, twice a week so I can budget that in for sure. The bad news is because its incredible and cheap, shits already sold out.

Guzzle Buddys website says theyll be back mid-November, but if this is anything like the ros gummy bears, that means it will also be sold out again by mid-November. So go ahead and get your credit cards ready, or just keep drinking from the bottle and not giving a fuck what the sober prudes think.

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