Woman Thinks Diamond Ring Is Part Of Magic Trick, Gasps When She Turns To See Boyfriend

If you’re looking for an automatic mood booster, just turn to a proposal story. The act of romance will be sure to give you hope in a world that sometimes seems so gloomy, and possibly make you shed a happy tear or two.

And the bestproposal stories are the ones that are most unexpected, like this one that happened during the bouquet toss ata wedding. Who made up that myth that it’s taboo? As long as the bride is cool with it, then why not!

On February 2, 2017, another unsuspecting woman wasin for another shocker this time, on The Rachael Ray Show. This boyfriend wanted to totally take his girlfriend by surprise with the proposal, so he contacted the show to pull off the ultimate deed.

One day, his girlfriend went to see a filming ofthe show, and was randomly called up to participate in a magic act. Her name was picked out ofhundreds of small pieces of paper with other people’s names or so she assumed and thought nothing of the situation.

She went up and listened to the magician as he explainedhe was going to make her ring disappear and then reappear. So she took off her ring and placed it in a red box, and with a snap of the magician’s fingers, the ring had completely vanished!

The trickster then turned to a table with an object covered by a cloth. He mentioned that it was a wine glass, and that her ring was going to be miraculously dangling on the stem. But everyone was surprised when he revealed a ring that was not hers, but one with a large diamond on it.

After the woman confirmedthat it was indeed not her ring, the magician started to explain himself, and then confessed that if it wasn’t hers then it must be his.And as the girlfriend turned around at the words, she couldn’t believewhat she saw next but you’ll have to watch the video yourself to find out the ending!

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