Woman Hides Ball Under One Cup To See If She Can Fool Her Cat, Then Watches Her Reaction

Cats are known for being intelligent creatures, but this little lady definitely takes the cake!

The gray and white cat named snow was lying on the wooden floor when her owner approached her with a few plastic cups and a tiny ball.

Her owner placed the small ball underneath one of threecups and shuffled them all around to different positions, coming back to a straight line at the end.

This was Snow’s challenge.

She had to decide which cup had the ball underneath, after the cups’ original places had been switched. This sounds like a difficult task for the average animal, but not for Snow.

She slowly put out her furry paw and tapped on the cup all the way to her owner’s left. She got it right! She was rewarded with a pat on the head, but that was only the beginning.

Her owner introduced more and more cups into the game that Snow loved so much. They went from threeto fourand Snow was correct again! No surprise there. As she flipped over the cup, the ball hidden underneath flew away to the other side of the room.

Then it was time for Snow’s hardest round yet. Her owner laid out fivecups. Snow gazed at the plastic cups as her owner slid them around the hardwood floor. She didn’t really look much at all as it was happening, but that didn’t hurt her chances in the slightest.

Snow waited for her owner to stop and popped her little paw forward to choose the cup. Did she get it right? Check out the video posted on January 17, 2017, below to find out!

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