Woman Cuts Can Of Pepsi Open And Spoons Kernels Inside To Make Popcorn At Her Desk

Sometimes finding the right food to eat at work can be hard. Ordering out all the time can take a toll on our wallets, but cooking can be such a hassle!

One woman, who goes by Office Ono, has perhaps solved the problem. She uses tools from her office and basic ingredients to make delicious hot meals all right at her desk!

Her meal hacks are now sweeping the internet, confusing many but delighting all!

In theclip below, she tries her hand at making popcorn with kernels, salt, and butter. She cuts open a can of Pepsi and spoons the ingredients inside. She then places the can over a makeshift burner that she keeps in her desk drawer, and the kernels slowly start popping!

She disassembles the office water cooler and takes a piecethat serves as the popcorn holder. Sticking a straw through a hole at the bottom, she’s able to place the part over a giant bottle of soda for an effective way to snack throughout the day.

Now watch the rest of the video to see how she transforms leftover popcorn into a fancy flower bouquet.

Office Ono sure knows a lot of tricks! Would you try one for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Video credit: Vit Nguyn Trng

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