Wife Is Tired Of Covering Up Her Body In Shame, So She Drastically Transforms

Chelsea Pateman admits that she was a bit of a fast food addict. She would spend upwards of $250 alone on pizza a week. She and her husband would binge on unhealthy foods every day.

We would buy a large pizza or meal each, an extra meal to share, all the sides we wanted and desserts, too,” Chelsea told Caters. We wasted a lot of money on takeaways it is shocking to think about now. Once Matt had gone to work at night, I would think nothing of eating four chocolate bars or making cheese on toast and sandwiches on thick white bread.”

Fortunately, her husband Matt is very supportive. Matt loves Chelsea at any size. However, when Chelsea saw her vacation photos,she wasn’t happy with her appearance.

During the holiday to Poland, I tried to avoid as many photos as I could,” she said. “The pictures I was in, I looked absolutely huge. That was when I knew I needed to do something. I knew if I didnt, I was just going to get bigger and bigger.”

Chelsea never wore a bikini to the beach, choosing instead to cover up her body with leggings and blouses. Although she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes weight gain, she believed there was more she could be doing to lead a healthier lifestyle.

She joined the weight-loss program Slimming World and went from 203 pounds to 124 pounds in 15 months.

Now I look back at pictures of myself and cant believe that was me,” she said. I used to cover up to hide the parts of my body I hated, but now as a size eight to 10, I can go into any shop and buy whatever I want, so I wear different clothes now.”

Chelsea shows what discipline and commitment can do when someone decides to make a real change in their life.

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