Wife Gives Husband Birthday Cake, When He Sees The Message He Breaks Down In Tears

I think it’s safe to say that most people enjoy birthdays. Whether they’re a part of birthday for someone they love, or they’re preparing for a new year of their own life on earth, birthdays are a time to celebrate and be happy with the ones you love.

So when a birthday comes along, you might expect some surprises and happy tears, right?

Well, for this wonderful family you’re about to peek in on, you get a bit of both. That’s for sure.

As their family sits at a restaurant to eat, the waiters bring out the cake and start to record.

They put the cake box, still closed, in front of the man in the gray. His wife is sitting on his left and waits in suspense for him to open it.

Little does he know the cake is not just about his birthday, and the gift his wife is giving him is something no one could put a price on.

You may be thinking a baby, but nope, it’s a kidney.

He’s been waiting to find a kidney donor match, and his loving wife finally got the results that she’s a match.

The cake reads, “We’re a match in more ways than one!” As soon as he realizes what’s going on, everyone breaks down.

This is a birthday and a moment they’ll never forget.

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