Transform Your Empty Wine Bottles Into A Beautiful And Unique Christmas Tree

If you love wine almost as much as you love the holiday season, than youneedto check out the genius new trend in Christmas trees this year!

We love afresh Douglas fir, but let’s be honest: vacuuming up needles every single day for a month gets old.

Meanwhile, fake trees are a good substitute, but they don’t have much by way of character.

Fortunately, there are a handle of, shall we say, morecreative options out there.

From glittery, flashy trees to gorgeous and unconventional floral versions, there’s no limit to the options available.

And our favorite tree of them all? A unique and gorgeous pyramid of wine bottles!

We’re all for singular wine bottle crafts, but why not save your empties up until you can create a stunner of a tree right at home?

Scroll through below to see a few of these spectacular tannenbaums in action!

We love a traditional Christmas tree as much as anyone.

Still, sometimes, you feel the need to embrace your inner bad Santa.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with ending up on the naughty list!

That’s doubly true if you have a bottle of wine to console you instead of a lump of coal.

That’s why we’re obsessed with these stylish and unusual trees that collect all your old empties, and turn them into something beautiful!

Whether you’re a wine or a beer person, holding onto empty bottles over the course of a few months should leave you with enough to create this unique project.

Plus, if you have a lot of empty bottles leftover from holiday parties and Thanksgiving leading up to December 25, this is a good way to get a second life out of them!

Once the Christmas holidays wrap up, you can take your upcycled bottles and recycle them for real at your local processing plant.

The concept for creating these unique trees is simple enough: it’s basically just a matter of building a cone or pyramid shape.

You can put together tiers, just like a layer cake, and then balance the bottles on top.

Other variations take a slightly different approach for building the conical shape of the tree.

This one, for example, involves hanging the bottles off of a larger frame.

Another version of the same technique involves flipping the bottles upside down.

Then, you can thread the empty bottle necks down over a wire frame like the one pictured here!

We’ve seen a few spectacular examples of the bottle tree living large in stores and restaurants.

This display in a specialty food store is especially festive!

Some of the bottle trees we’ve spotted are a bit of a hodgepodge, built up from collecting a wide variety of empties.

This tree, for example, is a whole blend of colors and labels.

Others, meanwhile, are more uniform, using different bottles to create variouspatterns.

But one thing stays true throughout the designs: they’re all a beautiful, unconventional, and slightly cheeky way to celebrate the reason for the season!

Would you ever decorate with a bottle tree at Christmastime? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget toSHARE with friends and family!

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