To Make The Flakiest, Most Delicious Biscuits Ever, Pour A Can Of Warm Sprite Into Batter!

Considered one of my favorite breakfast foods of all time is biscuits. Heck, biscuits are scrumptious any time of the day, not only for breakfast.

From biscuits and gravy, to chicken and biscuits, and then to biscuits paired with just some simple butter they’re all pretty  delicious.

I’ve tried making biscuits a few times, and although they’ve been just fine, I’ve been disappointed with how dense and dry they’ve turned out to be.

Glaringly, I still ate them, but ever since my first time making biscuits, I’ve been seeking out smooth approaches to make them fluffier and moister.

Of course, I could just switch to pre-made biscuits, but I’m very determined to find a recipe that works just fine for me.

That’s why, when I came across this first-rate super simple recipe with a genius hack for making fluffier biscuits, I had to try it.

Once you read it, I’m sure you’ll want to test it out, too!

[H/T Instructables]

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