This Wine ‘Guzzle Buddy’ Will Help You Cope With Trump’s Presidency

While some are turning to pictures of cute puppies or kittens to cope with the reality of President Trump, others are picking out their marching shoes or protesting the Inauguration.

If a glass of wine or two is your go-to method of dealing with unfortunate events, theres an accessory that will make pouring a drink just a little bit easier. (Because, you know … its so hard to pour a glass of wine?) Introducing theGuzzle Buddy,a relatively new device that lets you pour the wine straight into your mouth.

Guzzle Buddy/Jonathan Boulton

For just $29.99, you too can begin to ease your Inauguration (and leftover election night) pain. All you have to do is open your wine bottle, screw in Guzzle Buddy, tilt and drink responsibly, of course.

Guzzle Buddy/Amazon

Guzzle Buddywas created by Jennifer Sullivan and her brother-in-law, Randy Rothfus, though its based on an idea from the TV show Cougartown.

We started out thinking it was just for wine, but now we have found it works great in beer, hard cider, soda, and sparkling water, Sullivan said in an interview with Delish.

Check out a fewshotsbelow of Guzzle Buddy in action:

Some people even add ice cream for a root beer float-like drink:

To four more years!

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