This Brilliant DIY-er Upcycled Plastic Spoons Into A Sleek And Modern Lamp

I love transforming inexpensive household items into luxurious-looking, upcycled home additions.

There’s a particular thrill that comesfrom crafting a DIY project that looks sophisticated enough to pass asstore-bought like thesewooden pallets that were easily repurposed into a fine-dining-inspired wine rack.

Andwhen I discovered how one brilliant DIY-er converted a few plastic spoons into a gorgeous modern lamp, I knew Ihad to share it.

Designer Yaroslav Olenev is the brilliant mind behind the “Spoon Lamp” a stunning lamp fashioned from only a few plastic spoons and bottles. In fact, his creation was so breathtaking that it nabbed him the winning prize forFuture Now‘s 2010 “Ecology and Design” competition.

Scroll through below for a look at howYaroslav craftedthis winning piece you won’t believe how easy it is to make at home!

Wouldyouwant a DIY lamp like this in your home? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T: Future Now,Stylish Eve]

Our clever DIY-er started his lamp with a few simple tools and supplies: plastic spoons, large water bottles, a box cutter, a glue gun, a pair of pliers, and a light attachment with a low-energy bulb.

Yaroslav carefully cut off the bottom of the water bottle with his box cutter. He thenbegan the process of removing all of the handles from thespoons to create his “slats.”

He then gluedeach spoon head to the water bottle in an overlapping pattern. He recommended working from the bottom upward and avoiding any solvent-based glues (as they will melt the plastic).

Yaroslav a nuclear plant control system engineer by day took great pains to ensure that each spoon was carefully placed on the lamp in order to create a uniform look.

Once the spoons were stacked to the top of the bottle, our DIY-er made a circular collar, that would be glued to the bottle’s top opening.

Next, he dealt with the electrical aspects of the lamp. Yaroslav tied a knot in the cable and began threading it through the plastic top. Afterward, he inserted the bulb and weaved the cable through the bottle’s neck.

He finished by giving the cable a final tug, allowing the bulb to hang firmly in place.

To give his sleek and modern lamp a subtle glow (and to protect the plastic from catching fire), he made sure to use low-energy bulbs.

This DIY lamp isextremely simple to build, and with a handful of spoons, you can create a lamp that’s sure to wow!

Would you like a DIY lamp like this in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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