This Bookstore’s Response To The Anti-Muslim Ban Is Perfect

Resistance comes in many forms and can show up in the most unexpected places like bookstores. In response to Donald Trumps anti-Muslim ban (which Sean Spicer is now claiming is not a ban), a San-Francisco based food-centric bookshop calledOmnivore Bookstweeted out a photo of their new store window.

The window display showcases cookbooks that feature the cuisines of cultures affected by the ban, with a sign reading: People from these countries are now banned from entering the U.S. Learn about them. The tweet received loadssupport and applause and hopefully some sales for these great books.

Reading them, cooking from them and learning from them can be a helpful way to get through this stressful time. Who knows, you just might master an Iranian tahdig in the process.

You can purchase these books on Omnivores site.

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