She Puts Multi-Colored Balls Into A Cake Pan, But In The End? Im Trying This!

If you couldn’t alreadytell, here at LittleThings, we absolutely love our sweets! From clever ways to create the most perfect ice cream sandwich, to no-bake solutions for time-pressed moms, we love to bring you the latest and greatest in delicious desserts!

But nothing is more fun thancakes with surprise centers. What’s better than seeing a beautiful-looking cake only to slice into it and find out there is a colorful core just waiting to be discovered?

In the great video tutorial below by My Cupcake Addiction, Elise walks us through how to turn this tantalizingly tasty batter into a colorful confection. Using cake mix, sprinkles, buttercream frosting, and food coloring, this cake looks intense, but it is actually quitesimple to make. By following her easy step-by-step tutorial,any one of us can create a wow-factor masterpiece worthy of any upscale bakery!

But just wait till you see the secret surprise hidden on the inside of this sprinkle cake! Can you imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you serve thisfordessert? And how great would this be for a kid’s birthday party? They would go crazy, even before they get a bite of all that sugar!

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