Old Upright Piano Transforms Into An Incredible Light-Up Wine Bar

A gorgeous piano is too beautiful a thing to ever waste even if it’s damaged beyond repair.

Reddit DIY-erFioricascastlerecently found one such damaged-to-the-point-of-no-return piano on Craigslist. Its previous owner willingly gave it to him for free, conditional only on the request that he haul it off their property himself.

While this old beauty of a piano was no longer playable, this upcycler had a vision. Making this piano playable again would have been way more expensive than it would have been worth, but he could turn this pianointo something else.

He stripped out the piano’s innards, removing the keys, covers, and even its internal harp. With these parts stripped away, he got to work realizing his dream turning this old piano into an awesome wine bar.

Thanks to this crafty DIY-er’s impressive skills, he and his friends now have a unique bar to hang out around and enjoy.

Keep scrolling to see how this upcycler completely transformed this old piano into a fantastically festive wine bar.


After years of use, damage, and warping, some pianos can fall too deeply intodisrepair to ever come back from thebrink.

When Reddit DIY-erFioricascastlefound an old, gorgeous piano on Craigslist, he inquired how much the owner wanted in exchange for it.

Since the piano could no longer play music, the owner told this DIY-er they’d be more than happy to give him the instrument for free, so long as he could arrange for its removal.

Happy with that deal, he picked this piano up, and immediately got to work realizing his dreams of turning this gorgeous instrumentinto a wine bar.


He started his project by ripping out some of the piano’s keys and covers.


Then, he began removing all of the piano’s harp strings.


With the harp completely ripped out, the piano was well on its way toward its new transformation.


This DIY-er had to cut off part of one of the piano’s back panels to make more room for the wine rack storage it would soon house.


Next, this DIY-er installed a wave wine bottle shelf.


On top of the wine bottle shelf, this DIY-er installed a custom wine glass rack.


Just to ensure his piano wine bar was absolutely magical in style and flare, this DIY-er added in LED lights illuminating the piecefrom within.


The lights transition through all sorts of different colors, makingthe stored wine bottles glow.

He added a piece of glass over the piano’s keys as well, protecting them from futurewear and tear.


Now, this piano, which once entertained guests aurally, can providefriends and family a whole new level of fun.


When this piano’s life was nearly over, a craftyDIY-er stepped in to save the day.

He completely transformed this instrument into an entirely newentity, sure to keep his guests’ spirits up for years to come.


This DIY-er saved an old, nearly-trashed piano, and transformed it into a magical new wine bar.

What do you think of this piano bar? Have you ever created an upcycle addition to your home? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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