Mom Packs Lunch For Baby Girl. Hours Later, Shes Sent Home With Angry Red Note

No parent wants to get an angry note home from their child’s teacher. And they certainly don’t want to get an angry note over something as tiny as a slice of chocolate cake!

Unfortunately for one mom in Australia, that’s exactly what happened. She sent her little girl to kindergarten with some chocolate cake packed in her lunch.

She never expected the dramatic shaming that would come next, when the school decided her lunch choices were sounhealthy they warrantedan angry note home.

There are a lot of stories floating around these days about schools shaming parents over the silliest things, like we saw with the chronically-ill mom who was called ‘lazy’ by the school for wearing PJs to morning drop-off.

The Australian mom had a similar experience with her daughter’s kindergarten after packing the chocolate cake for lunch, and shared her upsetting encounterwith her friend Melinda Tankard Reist.

Reist is a writer with a prominent social media following, and she quickly got the word out about this particularly unkind form of mommy-shaming.

One mom in Australia got a rude reprimand from her daughter’s school after she sent her little one with a packed lunch that included a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

The mom has decided to stay anonymous, but she shared her experience with Melinda Tankard Reist, a friend who is an author with a large social media following.

Reist shared the mommy-shaming note to her own Facebook page, where it quickly racked up more than a thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

The note reads, “Your child has ‘chocolate slice’ from the Red Food category today. Please choose healthier options for Kindy.”

It came written in bright red ink, and stamped with a giant frowny face.

In Australia, the public school system encourages parents to pack healthy lunches by categorizing different types of food as green (good), yellow (okay), and red (bad.)

While we like the idea in theory, it seems a bit over-the-top to send such an obviously shaming and condescending note home because ofonetreat packed in the lunchbox.

Reist feels similarly, posting her own thoughts on the matter alongside the note.

She writes, “My friend (mother of 8 healthy children, what follows relating to no. 7) received this today from her 3 year old’s kindy. I told her to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost.”

In a statement to LittleThings, Reist also notes that both of the little girl’s parents have health science degrees and take healthy eating very seriously.

In fact, they rarely send anything unhealthy in with their kiddos, but they also know the value of an occasional special treat.

Reist adds, “The slice was homemade for her brother’s birthday and as per family tradition, leftovers went to school the next day.”

In fact, they discovered that homemade cake doesn’t even violate the school system rules, which specifically ban processed, packaged cakes.

The bigger problem with the note wasn’t that it asked them not to send cake in with school lunch. After all, we all know cake isn’t an everyday snack, it’s a special occasion dessert!

We imagine that mom and dad probably wouldn’t have minded the school reaching out in a kind way and saying, ‘we know this was a special occasion, but please don’t make a habit of sending in sugary treats.’ That’s a reasonable request.

Instead, the request was sent home with the 3-year-old child, in the form of rude, impersonal, and patronizing note to the parents.

Reist notes that notes like this are probably the result of harried teachers trying to check an item off the list as quickly as possibly, but is worried that it sends the wrong message.

Not only are mom and dad being shamed for how they choose to feed their child, little kidsmight see that big red frowny face and start to develop an unhealthy sense of some food being ‘bad’ and other food being ‘good,’without understanding that it’s okay to eat special desserts and treats in moderation.

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