Mom Desperately Wants To Throw Adult Dinner Party, Then Chef Says To Serve Ice Cream

Throwing an adult dinner party can be a bit overwhelming. There can be a lot of pressure to get every little detail right, or to pick a perfectly coherent theme.

Allison, a mom from Staten Island, has had the same friends since childhood. They’ve gone through everything together, which means they’ve gone to all sorts of parties as a group. From awkward middle school birthday parties to high school shindigs and college house parties, they’ve celebrated in very many different ways.

Now that Allison and her friends are all grown up and raising children of their own, Allison wants to throw an adult dinner party for the first time. The big question, though, is where to start?

Allison admits to being afraid of undertaking the project, but when she wenton to Rachael Ray’s show, Chef Ryan Scott hadsuper fun ideas to spark her imagination and excitement.

Instead of looking at a dinner party as something to dread, planning for it should be relaxed and full of fun! Ryan gave as an example the theme of camping, which definitely has a fun element. Family-style serving is certainly not frowned upon in his book, and since Allison knows that there will be a handful of kids running around her party, that’s just perfect!

Have you ever been nervous to throw a dinner party? Do you think that Chef Ryan’s advice will float in your home? I know it sure would in mine! Thoseadorable desserts definitely look fun: I wish I had one in my hand right this second!

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