Learn About The Famous Cinnamon Roll Doughnut That Has Everyone Talking!

Thiago Silva is known for his sense of humor on the job.

The Brazilian-born pastry chef has made a name for himself in recent years as a man who looks at the dessert course as an opportunity to showcase his whimsical culinary sensibilities.

At prestigious NYC restaurants like Catch, he has crafted decadent dessert menus that feature treats as creative as they are delicious, likecoconut cake that comes plated with a sorbet cleverly disguised a freshly-cut coconut.

At the moment, however, all eyes are on his latest creation: the mouth-wateringly delicious Cinnamon Roll Doughnut.

In an era where the internet can launch pastry trends into the viral stratosphere at a moments notice as we saw with the rapid-fire rise of theRainbow Bagel Silvas doughnut is currently soaring to new heights.

The dessert, comprised of a caramel-filled cinnamon roll wrapped in a glazed donut, is taking the food world by storm. Interested in trying one of these tantalizing pastries for yourself? Theyre available on the menu at Catch!

But Silva also told LittleThings own Roxy Haynes:Theres talks about a pop-up, and a pop-up can lead to a storefront.…We hope to get something together soon so people can try these doughnuts.

Were sure hes not going to have much trouble finding plenty of willing taste-testers.

When it comes to delicious desserts, who among us wouldnt want the chance to eat either an indulgent caramelized cinnamon roll…

Or a yummy glazed doughnutlet alone both at the same time!

Silva insists hes no culinary genius, but just looking at this masterful concoction, we have to disagree.

When he made the signature pastry right here in the LittleThings studio, the whole staff was lined up to try a bite. And we promise, theyre just as delicious as they look!

Check out the video below for ourexclusivefirst look at how Silva makes this incredible, craveable treat!

And if you think this sinful cinnamon roll concoction is as drool-worthy as we do, check out more of Silvas work onInstagram, andSHAREwith friends, family, and fellow foodies!

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