In defence of Valentine’s Day, what’s wrong with celebrating love?

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Let me just get this off my chest. I am so tired of everyone hating on Valentine’s Day.What is better to celebrate than love? There is perhaps nothing more deserving of recognition and appreciation than the fact that you are loved, that someone cares about you and wants you to be happy. And I don’t just mean in the romantic sense.

I happen to love Valentine’s Day, but not just because I’m in a relationship. Whether it’s romantic love, familial love or friendship; love is worthy of celebration, especially when it often feels like the world is spinning out of control. So, to set the record straight, I’m going to tackle every single complaint I’ve ever heard about Valentine’s Day, because Valentines Day cantstick up for itself.

It was invented by the greeting card industry

This is often the first shot fired in the fight against Valentine’s Day that I just don’t understand. Surely most people love receiving cards? Don’t many of us open up envelopes hoping to receive a hand-written message instead of yet another reminder to pay our credit cards? Who has ever received a thoughtful card and thought, fuck this card? I wish I didn’t receive this considerate and kind display of affection. More bills please.No one. Thats who.

It’s too commercial

This one is easy. It. Doesn’t. Have. To. Be. No one is making you buy flowers and delightful heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. No one is making you confirm dinner reservations at swanky restaurants you can’t afford. If you spend your year doing what you want, and not what’s expected of you, then Valentine’s Day should be no different. Demonstrate your love in the way that feels right to you. Then you can spend your day grateful for the reminder that damn, youre lucky to have love in your life instead of being resentful toward poor Valentines Day who is just doing its best to spread the love.

I’m not very romantic, so I feel a lot of pressure

Youve got it all wrong! If you arent normally very romantic, then you can get away with the most basic display of affection on Valentines Day andstill receive astanding ovation from your partner. You don’t have to stray from the standard chocolates and flowers. But if you do manage to think outside the box and pull off something personal and meaningful for your partner, youve just bought yourself an entire year of neglect until the next Valentines Day rolls around. The juice is worth thesqueeze here, my friend.

It’s too expensive, and the prices are inflated

Again, if the restaurants around you are grossly overcharging for prix fixe dinners for two, then go out a few days before, not after. If you make a reservation after The Day, it looks like you just forgot and youre trying to spin the gesture into something romantic. If you make a reservation before Valentines Day, it looks like youre sayingI just wanted a truly intimate night between youandI, without the hordes of Valentines Day couples coming out of the woodworks on the day theyre told to display their love. Thats not for us, baby. Our love is a real love. A different love. A February 12th kind of love.”

Im single, and it just reminds me of how single I am

This is the only excuse Ill give the time of day. Sometimes being single on Valentines Day sucks. But, hear me out for a second. Instead of Valentines Day being a day that reminds you of how alone you are, let it be a reminder of how unattached you are. You cando whatever your heart desires! Revel in the freedom to binge-watch Netflix without worrying if your partner has caught up on thatseason. Eat all of the best pieces of chocolatefrom that box without worrying that your partner is left with coffee cremes while you devour salted caramels. Drink all the wine! Dance all the dances! Bathe inall the bubbles baths!

Also, speaking of baths, take solace in the fact that sharing a bath with someone actually sucks. It looks great in the movies but someones head is always dodging the faucet whilst simultaneously trying to avoid kicking each other in the genitals. So, enjoy your solo bath with all the bubbles and leg room.

You don’t need a day to show your partner you love them

Last but not least, my favorite excuse. Why not show your partner you love them everyday? Well, youre right. Why not? Valentines Day certainly isnt stopping you from showing your partner love on the other 364 (sometimes 365) days a year. Its not like you cant tell your partner you love him or her because you did something nice on Valentines Day. That would be ridiculous. Instead, keep onkeepinon with that love. Do all the niceromanticgestures that come to your mindthroughoutthe year and follow through on them.

Valentines Day in its purest form is a reminder that you have love in your life, in whatever form it may be. Its a remindertobe thankful and appreciate those whosupport you and show you kindness.In a world where itsaloteasier to hate onsomethingthan to stick your neck out for what you believe in, this year I decided to stand up for love because we all sure need more of it right now. And chocolate, always more chocolate.

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