EXCLUSIVE! Screaming S.O.S At Your Dull Winter Skin?! These Expert Tips From Skincare Guru Adina Diaz Can Revive Your Glow!!

Dry, flakey, over oily, chapped, and irritated…

These are just a few reactions our body’s biggest organ can achieve when temperatures drop.

Luckily, we EXCLUSIVELY spoke to West Hollywood skincare expert Adina Diaz of Natural Feeling Spa to help you save your glow-up all winter long! Bless!

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Adina shares it FIRST starts from the inside:

“Internally, you want to make sure you increase your intake of Omega 3 essential fatty acids.The best supplement for this is Flaxseed Oil (USDA Organic Barlean’s Forti-Flax.) Take 1 tablespoon a day. Of course the almighty water intake is a must, even in the winter!”

But what about the outside?? Brrrrr!

The expert continues:

“Externally, my favorite is Lotus Moon’s D20 Hydra Mist. I keep one in my purse, my bathroom, my desk, and pretty much everywhere I go! It instantly hydrates my skin and keeps it moist for hours afterward! It doesn’t mess up my makeup either. You can actually use it for setting makeup! For extra dry skin I would suggest to spray a little D20 Hydra Mist on the skin and then dab a little Lotus Moon Cherry Blossom Healing Soothe and massage it in before bedtime. This is heaven to me!! My skin is always so happy when I wake up.

The skin tends to look grey because we are not outdoors getting sunlight as much during the winter.The circulation in the skin needs to be stimulated and this can be done with peels or exfoliation. The Lotus Moon Sea Algae Peel is a great option for all skin types. At home try using Adzuki Bean and Rose Petal Polishing Powder, it is an Ayurvedic inspired facial exfoliant that also contains turmeric. This excellent and all natural facial scrub is great for all skin types! I am also obsessed with Meow Meow Tweet’s Face Exfoliant which is packed with oats and kelp!”

And for those with oily epidermis, fear not:

“Oily skin can have a hard time sloughing off dead skin because it sticks to the skin. To help encourage the break down of the old damaged cells and accelerate the emergence of new skills cells use acids such as glycolic and lactic which will help lift away dead cells and promote the growth of new ones.

My go-to nightly serum is Lotus Moon Skincare’s Firm & Refine Night Gel. It is 8% AHA packed! My professional recommendation would be to get a Diamond Tip Treatment. I use the ImageMicroDerm Diamantech system, which is a non-surgical and natural method of encouraging skin renewal through a crystal-free diamond peel. This peel removes unwanted dead cells from the epidermis while stimulating cellular regeneration painlessly and effectively. You will be glowing for days!”

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Many are concerned about aging too, which is accelerated during the cold weather months:

“The aging process is most definitely accelerated during winter months simply because dry skin tends to age the skin faster. When skin is dry it begins to wrinkle. Skin becomes dry because we stay indoors with hot air circulating, so if we don’t take extra steps to combat that dryness our skin will show signs of aging that can only be prevented with proper skincare and good routines.

Sensitive skin and reddish skin pretty much go hand and hand. If you have rosy skin you probably have sensitive skin and may not even know it. Using gentle cleansers with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond are great choices to deep cleanse and hydrate at the same time. Squeaky clean choices are Lotus Moon Skincare Amaranth Gentle Gel Cleanse and White & Elm Foaming Cleanser. Both are super gentle but extremely effective!

Pro Tips: Mask, Mask and then Mask some more! I am all about masking durning the winter! I need my skin to stay hydrated, glowing & dewy and my skin demands masks! Lotus Moon Honey Mask is super easy to use and addresses all skin types! Honey supports the skin’s own cell renewal process assisting in the formation of stronger collagen. Honey Mask’s are a natural anti-bacterial agent that treats wounds and kills any germs present, making this a great choice for both dry and acne prone skin types. White & Elm’s Spirulina Green Superfood Nourishing Mask is like a green smoothie for your face! It’s Made with French Green Clay, Spirulina and Comfrey Root. It will leave your face super refreshed and detoxified.”

Miz Diaz also shares a general rule of thumb in your winter routine — thinner face creams durning the day and thicker ones at night, with even more hydration provided by adding Jojoba or Argan oil!


Lastly, Adina provides a quick and dirty pocket guide for winter skincare:

5 Must-Do’s For Winter Skin

1. Use protective moisturizers that are plant base emollients which will prevent water loss in cold or windy environments without clogging or stripping your skin

2. Wear actual physical protection like hats and SPF if you plan to be outdoors

3. Use gentle exfoliants to remove the dried surface cells

4. Incorporate hydrating treatments into your routine : MASKS!

5. Use ceramides and lipid ingredients to help improve barrier function

Did you learn something new?!

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