Dump Raw Hamburger Into A Plastic Bag, Then Start Kneading For The Ultimate Freezer Hack

Ever wonder how to make perfect hamburgers every time? Now you have the answer, thanks to this easy-peasy hamburger hack!

Making hamburgers is usually kind of a messy endeavor, especially if you don’t want to buy the premade patties. The patties might be easier, but you can’t always tailor them perfectly to suit your favorite burger recipe.

On the other hand, when you try to make hamburger patties straight from the package of ground beef, they usually turn out squat and lumpy before falling apart on the grill. Fortunately, there’s a better way!

Instead of trying to make burger patties by hand, try our easier method instead. (Bonus: Our system also keeps your hands and countertop clean from raw-meat ickiness.) To make this hamburger hack happen, you’ll need:


  • Hamburger meat
  • Spices
  • Rolling pin
  • Gallon-size freezer bag
  • Skewer


  1. Dump meat into plastic bag and add spices.
  2. Knead together well until meat is seasoned to your liking.
  3. Close the bag most of the way, then use rolling pin to roll meat out flat. Squeeze excess air out.
  4. Press skewer into meat from outside of the bag to separate it into a “checkerboard” of six squares.
  5. Seal bag and freeze.
  6. Enjoy perfect patties at your leisure!

Check out the video below for more details on how to make these simple hamburgers anytime you like! And don’t forget toSHARE this awesome idea with friends and family ahead of grilling season!

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