DIY Wood Wine Rack Is A Stunning Home Addition

I love trying out different types of wine.

My taste for certain flavors has definitely developed over time, but initially I did what most novice wine drinkers do: I picked out the coolest-looking bottle.

Admittedly,I’m still guilty of running to the liquor store and picking up a bottle with the sleekest packaging before even bothering to read the notes present on the description label.

I don’t just do this because I’m a sucker for advertising, though. I do it because wine is actually a big part of my home decor. Putting my favorite wine bottles on display adds a classy touch to any dining area.

I found a talented DIY-er on Imgurwho feels the same way about his wine bottle collection. Instead of storing them away in a cabinet, he wanted them out on display. He decided to build his own wine rack, and it is absolutely stunning.

Check out this creative DIY-er’s modern wine rack below, and let us know what you think in the comments!


This DIY-er wanted a wine rack that would hold both wine bottles and wine glasses for storage and convenience.

The frame is roughly 36 inches by 32 inches and is completely made out of pine.

The middle shelves are intentionally a little bit shorter than the average bottle of wine, which is about 12 to 13 inches.

He wanted the bottles to overhangjust the slightest bit.

Each shelf required a small lip.

He made sure to purchase strips of wood that were wide enough to accommodate all sorts of wine bottles since they vary in girth.

After the lips were attached, he began to stain the piece.

Using a pre-stain on pine is very important, toensure that each coat is absorbed evenly.

After three coats of walnut stain, the piece was looking good, but he realized the stain wasn’t settling in places where excess wood glue was present.

Carefully, he sanded down the leftover glue and restained the piece.

Finally, he got to one of the nicest-looking parts of the piece: the backsplash.

He added a thin particle board backing to the wine rack before gluing the backsplash over top.

The added touch of the backsplash does a great job of tying the piece into the color of his granite countertops.

A coat of polyurethane later, and the project was complete! The display is a beautiful addition to the kitchen.

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