Clever Man Transforms Rusty Old Horseshoes Into Brilliant Wine Rack

The humble horseshoe can actually be used in so many differentways!

Other than keeping horses’ feet safe from harm, these cool creations can also be a great decorative piece for the home.

They can be added onto furniture, lamp stands,and even candleholders to instantly give a space some southern cowboy flare.

But one crafty Imgur user found another ingenious way to use horseshoes.

With their curvature and sturdy structure, it almost seems like a no-brainer when you think about itthey would make the perfect little parts for a wine rack!

Using a few power tools and a welding apparatus, he was able to easily assemble all twelve of his procured horse shoes to make a kitchen gadget that would drive any cowpoke crazy.

So wine lovers as well as fans of that southern aesthetic need to take noteif you have a few horseshoes lying around and a little bit of know how, you can also make this ingenious rack for your home!

[H/T: Imgur]

After procuring 12 same-sized horseshoes, this crafter Imgur user decided to make a cool kitchen tool out of them.

With their sturdiness and their curves, hedecided that they would make the perfectcountry-chic wine rack.

The first order of business when making the rack was to clean them so that they would be less rusty.

Using a drill with a circular wire brush attachment, he get to work shining the shoes.

After he was finished, they were significantly shinier and free of rust.

Once they were all polished, it was time to start assembling them so that they would form the wine rack.

In order to attack all of the shoes, he began prepping them to be welded.

Welding entails heating the metal’s surface until it reaches a melting point, then sticking the molten hot surfaces together so that they dry and stick together.

The shoes were welded in a pyramid pattern so that wine bottles can be stacked without tumbling over.

Once the welding was in place, he grounded down the areas so that they were smoothno detail was spared!

Another identical pyramid was made using the same technique.

Once finished, the two sides will be able to support either end of the wine bottles.

Next stick spacers were welded on.

These little rods connected the two little pyramids so that it was one solid structure.

After everything was all attached, the wine rack was essentially complete!

All that was left to do was to spray it a chic black.

This little wine rack is so cute, there are probably plenty of home decorators that can’t wait to copy it!

Using hiscreativity, this crafter was able to build the most unique little kitchen piece with very minimal effortthe power of DIY knows no bounds!

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