Best Friends Cant Stop Cracking Up When They Reveal Whats Inside Their Mom Bags

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are the hilarious best friends, and moms, behind the Mom So Hard YouTube series. And if you havent heard of them before, youre in for a treatand youve been missing out.

The pair makes hilarious videos with the hashtag, and name, #imomsohard, and if you havent guessed, its all about the relatable mom moments for women across the globe.

The two of them are everyday moms, but they know how to make their realities laughable. And dont we all need some of that every once in awhile?

These moms make every mom-reality livable with their comic relief, and today, they decide to talk all about the mom bag.

If youre a mom, you know exactly what this means. But if youre not a mom, you can probably make an assumption really quick about what kinds of crazy things most moms carry around. Its impossible to be spot on, but it seems that every mom basically has a Mary Poppins bag situation going on.

They have to carry this purse around everywhere they go, and when everywhere they go involves their kids, they also need to make sure theyre well-equipped for every situation.

So, from tampons, to baby socks these moms show their fans and friends what their bags are all about.

As they go through their bags, they each find some insanely hilarious and unexpected things, but also a lot of things that most moms will say, I have that too! to.

After watching this, did you realize that you had any of these crazy things in your bag, too?

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Video Credit: I Mom So Hard, YouTube & Facebook

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