Baker Brings Out Gravity-Defying Cake For Rachael Ray, But Shes Amazed By The Top Tier

Buddy Valastro, better known as the Cake Boss, decided to take his search for the next great baker toRachael Ray’s talk show.

Who better than a food-loving, happy-go-lucky, all-American girl to help choose, right? Well, even better. Her entire audience gotto vote too!

In the video below,Buddy explains that three bakers participated in this challenge. And each of them had the goal of making a gravity-defying cake. So prepare yourselves to be in awe!

When his brother-in-law Joey pulls out the first cake, everyone is amazed. It’s a wine barrel, beautifully and realistically designed, with a wine bottle somehow pouring into the top of it as if it’s being held!

As if the sculpture of it all isn’t enough, the fact that it’s an ediblegravity-defying cake definitely adds to the shock value!

Then two more are rolled out. One is a chandelier cake that’s hanging upside-down. And although some little pieces falloff, it looks stunning and confusingly well made. How do you keep food suspended inthe air like that? One might never know.

The last one is the most extravagant of all! It’s a Rachael Ray-inspired cake with an oven full of cookies, a stove top bubbling over, and some sort of second tier that goes higher than the rest.

When it’s time to vote, the audience picks a clear winner. Which gravity-defying cake is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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