Attention Alcoholics: Stop What You’re Doing, Wine Themed Makeup Exists

If you’re anything like a large majority of the population and people at AA meetings, a glass of wine can cure anything. But if you’re anything like a large majority of the female population and/or a contestant on , so can makeup. Now, the two (arguably) best inventions the world has ever seen are being combined to create wine makeup. One more time. WINE. MAKEUP. If there’s anything you can count on in this cruel world right now, it’s this.

Korean beauty brand Labiotte has made literal dreams come true with a wine-inspired makeup line. They offer lipsticks, lip tints, lip balms, and mascaras all in miniature wine bottle packaging. Look at these fucking lip balm wine goblets and tell me you’re not dying to get your big, monster hands on them.

No really, look at this goddamn mascara alongside this creepy doll set and try to tell me you are not salivating for pretty lashes/a glass of Merlot/a little scared of that tiny cupcake-woman figurine.

Though it’s not just whats on the outside that counts (lol jk), you’ll be happy to know that along with being fucking adorable, Labiotte’s products are created from natural botanicals and quality ingredients. So, just like a good glass bottle of cab at the end of a hard day, they’re legit as fuck.

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