A $12 Cooking Challenge? Korean Kimchi With Quinoa is Served By Chef Kala

On LittleThings’ Facebook Live reveal Slice we challenge food specialists to produce scrumptious and simple to make suppers for less than $12. Today, Manhattan based chef, Kala Sung, chairs the hot seat.

Working as a private Chef, Chef Kala Sung, however she used to share her skills as a chef at the legendary Four Seasons dining establishment in New york City, a leader for its use of seasonal ingredients.

To state that Chef Kala’s Korean background affects her food as private chef would be an understatement. In fact, among the important things that she is best known for are her presentations and Kimchi 101 classes, where she shares the art of the traditional Korean side dish.

Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. It is a side dish (it’s also sometimes used as a condiment) and is made from salted and fermented vegetables, usually cabbage or radishes, and is packed with healthy digestive bacteria. Bonus: It’s low in calories.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this powerful and scrumptious superfood. Chef Kala even told LittleThings that she likes to think of it as a, “new ketchup because it goes well with dishes from every country.”

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