10 Vintage Kitchen Tools That Will Make You Long For The Good Old Days

Sometimes we all wish that preparing food and serving up meals could be a little bit easier on us. Well, so did people of the past!

They usedlots of crazy tools to complementtheir cooking skills, while simultaneously cutting down on prep time. Unfortunately, many of these contraptions were lost in time and now remaina distant memory.

Today, we’re bringing these vintage instruments back to give ourselves a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Some of the morecomplicated devices were used to make simple cooking tasks feel effortless. Although many of the utensils have been considered obsolete for many years now, a lot of them sparked ideas for the most popular gadgets we see in our kitchens today!

Some are ingenious, while others seem to make the job harder. Still, all of them are equallyintriguing.

Check out the 10 vintage kitchen tools below they’ll surely remind you of the good old days!

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1. Egg Slicer


Back in the day, people used metal contraptions like this one to slice hard-boiled eggs. With the slicer’s multiple blades, preparing lunch in a hurry was a breeze.

2. Rolling Cookie Cutter


This mechanical cookie cutter rolled and sliced as it was dragged across a sheet of dough. No matter what kind of cookies people were looking to bake, this tool definitely sped up the process.

3. Metal Corn Creamer


Creamed corn was quite a popular dish in days past! This niftycorn creamerhelped self-proclaimed chefs mash it up themselves,just in time for dinner.

4. Nut Grinder


Nuts are incredibly healthy snacks, but their shells have always been a nuisance. To overcome that obstacle, people often used a nut grinder like this one!

5. Angel Food Cake Cutter


Interestingly enough, there were slicers specifically made for angel food cake and sometimes bread.

6. Metal Cherry Pitter


At first glance, you probably wouldn’t guess that this complex machine was used for pitting cherries. You had to crank the handle on the side, which would push down a metal piece that squished the fruit, releasing the pit.

7. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker


There’s nothing more rewarding than sweet ice cream stuffed between two soft cookies. Even ice cream sandwiches were simplified with a kitchen tool! This ice cream sandwich maker allowed you to assemble the dessert and pop the stack in the freezer for a delicious treat.

8. Ice Cracker


Nowadays, most of our refrigerators come with a “crushed ice” button. Decades ago, people had to use this wood-and-metal cracking tool to break the ice.

9. Canning Jar Grip


Canning used to be all the rage. Between sauces, jams, and other kinds of preserves, people dedicated a lot of time and effort to packaging their goods. This canning jar lifter was used to grab hold of containersand raise them out of boiling water, which was an important step in canning.

10. Pie Plate Lifter


Who doesn’t love pie? This pie plate lifter allowed hosts to serve their guests their beloved dessert much faster and without a hitch!

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