10 Surprising And Creative Ways To Repurpose That Old Rake In Your Shed

Usually, we use rakes for gardening and gathering leaves in a pile, but there’s more to these tools than meets the eye.

A rusty, old rake usually gets tossed aside in our shed as we move on to a newer, sleeker model. But if you have an old rake lying around somewhere, it doesn’t have to keep collecting dust!

There are quite a fewways to transform these worn yard toolsinto something brand new and completely usable.

Thesespectacular upcycles will take yourshabby outdoor instruments andturn them into beautiful displays, fit for any home.

Keep scrolling to check out the 10 things you can make with a rusty, old rake below and see how clever Etsy usershave easilyrepurposed them.

Let us knowin the comments which one is your favorite, and if you’ve ever taken on any projects like these yourself!

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1. Vintage Key Holder


This old rake was transformed into the perfect key holder by Junkin2Jewels, a regular upcycler. With a set of hooks like this, you’ll never lose your keys again!

2. Wine Glass Rack


Gunnar Designsturned a regular rake into a wine aficionado’s dream a creative display that doubles as storage.

3. Decorative Door Wreath


This repurposed rake fromHappy Hippo Home Decor and Favorsis a beautiful way to greet your guests when they come over.

4. Wind Chime


Myrustygold paired an old rake with some other garden tools, resulting in this creative metal wind chime.

5. Jewelry Holder


This jewelry rack from Idonas would make a charming addition to any bedroom!

6. Photo Display


This rake fromAloof Newf Whimsyhas been repurposed into a vintage photo holderthat’s easy on the eyes.

7. Rustic Christmas Tree


If you are ever in need of an extra holiday decoration, you can create a Christmas tree out of an old rake, like this one fromCalico Whiskers.

8. Outdoor Lighting Fixture


This old rake fromTreasureAgain has a new purpose witha Mason jar light hanging from it.

9. Creative Wall Design


This hanging wall fixture from theCountry Door features an old rake head as the fish’s tale!

10. Coat Rack


A simple change can take an old rake and turn it into something completely new, like these coatracks from Werkvoll by Lena Peter.

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