10 Creative Pot And Pan Racks You Wish You Had In Your Own Kitchen

Organizing the kitchen can be a real hassle.

Pots and pans are all wonky sizes and shapes and they just don’t stack so nicely as plates or bowls do. Along with all of the other tools in the kitchen, pots and pans are some of the hardest to stash.

All too often, nice or even vintage cookwaregets stuffed into a cabinet at any angle that itfits. This gets the potsall scratched up, and it’s no way to take care of the investment you made in your kitchen utensils. We all know that they don’t come cheap!

A much better way to store pots and pans is to hang them up on a pot rack, so they’re not clattering and clanging against each other. And the best part about this is that you canpick a DIY or upcycle style that fits your personality.

These 10 creative pot and pan racks are all so different, and so fitting for different folks. I’m just not sure which I would pick! Kitchen decor can be such a fun design element to play with, don’t you think?

1. Bike Wheel Rack


If you love to bike, this kitchen creation is perfect for you. All you need are a couple of hooks and some hardware to attach it to your ceiling, and you’re pretty much good to go.

2. Antique Sled Rack


Affixan antique sled to the ceiling and you’ve just got yourself the coziest kitchen ever.I can just imagine taking down a pot and whipping up somehot cocoa or mulled wine.

3. Headboard Rack


This vintage headboard looks like it was made to be a hanging pot rack. So cute!

4. Vintage Shelf Rack


Beth at Blush and Batting made this beautiful pot rack from a shelf she found at the flea market for just $2. What a simple yet amazing project! I never would have thought “pot rack” if I saw this, but it goes to show that creativity doesn’t have to be over the top.

5. Rolling Pin Rack


This pot rack fromMidtown Market in Tulsa, OK, is perfect for anyone who loves baking. Copper pots would look lovely hanging on it.

6. Light-Up Frame Rack


This lit frame pot rack is an amazing way to add some brightness to your kitchen while also adding somemore storage at the same time.

7. Metal Shelf Rack


If you already have a kitchen shelf but would rather have the floor space for, say, entertaining, try attaching it to your ceiling instead. It’s as simple as that, but what a difference!

8. Ladder Rack


This craftsman decided to build his own ladder for his pot holder, but you can use the same process with an existing ladder that you have lying around the house, too!

9. Rustic Lattice Rack


This rustic lattice pot rack also doubles as a place forsome potted plants. The greenery on top of the rustic materials is truly a great addition to any kitchen.

10. Vintage Plumbing Rack


These vintage pipes with a wheel make for a great place to hang a couple pots and pans. It hasa nice industrial look, for sure, especially against the nice bright white walls!

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